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Creators, companies, and small business owners hire me to build, launch & optimize all their offers and funnels from the front-end to back-end so they can focus on scaling.

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I help course creators, coaches, and agencies like you build, launch, and optimize high-converting sales funnels so you can attract your ideal audience and scale their business faster.

Six (6) years of experience launching start-ups and mastering affiliate marketing gave me a unique edge: I understand how to craft sales funnels that convert.

If you’re a creator or business owner, who:

  • Are tired of designers trying to sell you their artwork.
  • Want to increase conversions on your website based on proven, data-driven optimizations.
  • Are looking for a designer who understands business, marketing & sales.
  • Are looking for a pro who can review and layout your project final report that attract more funding...

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From Hustle to Mastery

How I Learned to Build Client-Winning Funnels.

My entrepreneurial journey wasn’t always smooth sailing, but through the challenges, I’ve mastered the art of crafting high-converting sales funnels. From design and marketing to sales and beyond, I’ve honed my skills to help you turn website visitors into loyal customers.

2020 - Present

Start-up Industry

BraiWeb Tech Ltd
2018 - Present

Online Adverts & Sales

Affiliate Networks
2016 - 2018

Mobile App Dev

Online Courses
2013 - 2015

UI, UX & Web Dev

Online Courses
Supercharge Your Conversions

Here's how I help you win more clients

Through building and managing a successful business, I’ve gained a deep understanding of what it takes to drive real results online. I leverage this expertise to craft high-converting websites and apps for creators and businesses, using cutting-edge design principles to unlock their full potential. 


Uncover Your Ideal Customer

I will define your target audience and craft irresistible offers that resonate with their needs.


Frictionless User Experience

I will design intuitive, mobile-friendly funnels that guide visitors effortlessly towards conversion.


Compelling Copywriting

I will craft persuasive, action-oriented messages that capture attention and drive sales.


Professional Layout Design

I will transform your final project narratives with professional report design.


Data-Driven Optimization

I will constantly analyse and refine your funnels for maximum performance.


Seamless Integrations

I will connect your funnel to powerful marketing tools to streamline lead capture and nurture.

Ready to Build High-Converting Funnels?

Let’s Explore My Skills That Makes It Happen

I leverage a powerful skillset to build high-performing sales funnels and craft impactful marketing experiences that guide your audience towards conversion.

By combining these tools, I help creators, companies, and small businesses like yours achieve their marketing goals.


Ready to See Results?
Prepare to be impressed....

Get a glimpse into the transformative power of my work. While some projects remain confidential, I’ve curated a selection showcasing my expertise in… crafting high-converting sales funnels, designing user-friendly interfaces, and developing engaging marketing experiences.

Mobile Application Design

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Website Makeup Design

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Brand Identity and Motion Design

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Mobile Application Design

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Clients Testimonials

Discover how I've helped David achieve his goals.

See what David are saying about his experience working with me.

“I have to say, working with Lusabara has been an absolute game-changer for my business. When I first came to him, I was really struggling to get my website off the ground or see any traction online. But he totally transformed things for me.

Right from our first meeting, [your name] took the time to truly understand my brand and goals. He dug deep to uncover my ideal customer and how to best position my offer. Then he got to work designing a high-converting site that perfectly embodied our message.

I could not believe the results – within weeks we started seeing a flood of new leads. Sales skyrocketed in a way I never thought possible. Best of all, Lusabara set up systems so my business continues thriving on autopilot.

His knowledge of marketing, sales funnels and customer psychology is just on another level. But what I appreciate most is that he never came across as pushy or salesy. He genuinely wants to see his clients succeed and puts in maximum effort to make that happen.

If you’re serious about taking your online presence to the next level, I cannot recommend Lusabara enough. He will completely transform your business. The results speak for themselves – just ask me!”


Shelly Barns

Pricing Built for Results

Transparent & Competitive Pricing

Basic Plan

Save 20%
$ 79.95 /per work

One Page fully functional WordPress Website with Admin Panel

  • 4 Days Delivery
  • Full Functional Landing Page
  • Full Responsive Design
  • Sales Copy
  • Custom Images

Standard Plan

Save 30%
$ 169.99 /per work

6 Pages Responsive, Mobile friendly WordPress Website with Admin Panel.

  • 7 Days Delivery
  • 6 Full Functional Pages
  • SEO Optimization
  • Sales Copy
  • Custom Images

Premium Plan

Save 40%
$ 349.95 /per work

Standard Package + 10 Products Setup + eCom, Admin + Paypal Integration

  • 14 Days Delivery
  • Website Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Webhooks / CMS Integration
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking
Ready to Skyrocket Conversions?

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If you’re a creator, business owner, or entrepreneur looking to turn website visitors into paying clients, I can help! Schedule a free consultation to discuss how I can craft high-converting sales funnels with stunning design to achieve explosive growth for your business.

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