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Websites Are Great. Unless You're

Looking to Actually Make Money!

In today’s digital world, your website has become an onlinehub” for your business and if done right, boosts the performance of ALL your marketing channels.

It makes no sense to leave it in the hands of a designer and not have it handcrafted by direct-response marketer and digital growth expert who know what it takes to get your website to make you more money. 

Here's what I can help...


Build your own funnels and take on the world

Learn how to build hyper converting funnels for yourself or high-level clients.

Your business no longer needs to suffer from dealing with external resources who just understand zero about the ideas in your brain.

I’ll show you how.


Let me build your funnel for you

Sit back, relax, sip coffee.

I will handle your branding, stories, funnels within a short timespan, completely done for you so you can just focus on making more moolah.

Hire me. It might just be the best decision in your life.


Not Independent But Not Too Dependent? This Is It.

My signature private mentoring program that takes you from zero to hero through my PICASSO™ Design Framework and C4 Process™.

Kinda like getting your personalized funnel “meal plan”.

Join the gang. It’s fun. 

I have the ability to transform your website into selling machine.

My websites will be good fit for you, if…

You have an awesome idea of new offer for your coaching business and want someone with high expertise to turn your ideas into reality.

You want to create or upgrade your branding website into something that doesn’t smell ‘amateur’ & position you as the expert in your niche, at the same time truly reflect your brand vibes & represent who you are. 


You want a website/ funnel that has the best of both worlds: aesthetics and functionality. You want a smooth-functioning site that not only looks good, but also requiring minimal (& easy) maintenance by yourself or your team.


You want to have high-quality work delivered without hassles so you can focus on what you love & matters most: more time freedom for yourself & family, less burnout from doing everything yourself, etc.

 You have bad experience working with contractors who failed to produce the result you want, and ended up wasting more money & time. You want a seamless working experience that doesn’t require your baby-sitting.


You have multiple projects & launches in your plan and want to work with someone who is reliable and high value for all these projects. You want to have peace of mind and outcomes with high consistency in quality.


Look at some of web pages I have hand-crafted that convert like crazy

They are built of “engines” of conversion, of perfected landing pages and irresistible offers, of compelling copy and user-friendly interfaces, of viral loops and streamlined order flows.  

Smart business owners don't just hire web designers - they work with the direct-response marketers and digital growth experts who guarantees results.

I’m willing and able to guarantee results because of my unique design and selling system. Every design I do, has one goal… to SELL. We will go through 3 easy steps before kicking down your design.


First, we will do a quick roadmapping via short call/ email to discuss your website needs that speak of your brand identity. We will begin to put together a plan that fits your vision & achieve your desired project outcome, without taking more time off your busy schedule


Now, once I received your onboarding documents, we are ready to build your vision. You will receive the first draft of the design within the week and we can make further revisions to shape the final outcome following your expectations.


Finally, once you are happy with the final revision of the website, your brand new website & funnel that you’re proud of will go live on your domain. You will have a site that is not just aesthetically pleasing and works well but is easy to maintain so you can focus on doing what you love!



I help you identify digital marketing & design gaps and choose the right solutions so you and your team can focus on what matters!

With 8 years in digital marketing and having worked on 5 consultancy projects, I’ve seen it all. From smaller businesses to large organizations, I have firsthand experience with a wide array of digital marketing and technology issues impacting operations, projects, and scalability.


I understand the pain it personally causes you, and the headaches it has on your team, clients, and organization as a whole. The problem is, the problem you think you have often isn’t the one you need to solve. That’s a problem in itself, and it may be your biggest one of all.

Lusabara Essau

Get a Free Consultation

Why most web design is done wrong —and how to do it right, like the winners

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That’s Where I Come In

Be it projects, operations, processes, or strategic initiatives… Not only do I work with you to help overcome the issue at hand with the solution you need, but identify the root cause you may not be able to see. This is how I’ve saved and made my clients millions over the years and coached stakeholders who went on to make millions of satisfied customers… But it wasn’t always this way.

There was a time I was like most other naive consultants, assuming technology could fix everything. I was wrong, and what I learned next changed everything for me and my clients…

Why work with me

I make your uniqueness SHINE with my attractive, custom-designed work (NOT template)

I don't do copy & paste, template-ish works. I emphasize on memorable brand experience: I learn about your target avatar & brand identity before starting the project. This will help me to create a professional-looking site that not only position you as an expert but also reflect your authentic personality. You will be so proud to share your links!

I help you to be hassle-free: high attention to BOTH design details & functionality

I don't ONLY design beautiful websites & funnels - I want it to WORK as well. I focus on both aesthetics & functionality, not just pretty sites with broken links, or “quick funnels” that doesn’t reflect your vibes at all.

Restore your inner peace with me: get high-quality work delivered seamlessly + easy maintenance

It can be so frustrating when you outsource your work to freelancers but ended up spending more time to micro-manage them. I understand this & treasure your time - I want to help you have a quick start (get your site done once & very well) with easy long-term maintenance (no complicated codings involved. I will provide training for you & your VAs to maintain your site in the long run). Sounds good? 😃

I typically
funnels to...

Optimize Your Ads

Do market research on your best buyer behavior in order to optimize your ads.

Reduce Advertising Costs

Position all of your products to improve lifetime value and reduce advertising costs.

Improve Buyer Behavior

Do emotional trigger research on how to best create action for your customers to improve buyer behavior.

Improve Cash Flow

Optimize and track different traffic channels to improve cash flow with different traffic.

Test Different Products

Test different products to see what the best positioning products are at different stages of buyer behavior.

Improve Customer Journey

Improve customer journey and actually engage with your customers for products when they need them throughout their lifecycle with you.

Capture Customers Behavior

Improve your abandoned cart sequences to capture customers who have not had all their objections handled in order to optimize your ad spend.

Recover Customers

Handle cancels/ refunds in order to try to recover customers who just need some extra attention.

I guess what I trying to say is taht you should hit the damn button below...

It’s time to turn your website woes into WoWs!

But you aren’t the person that should do this. You’re already busy. You already have a team that needs you. You need your technology to work for you — not just today, but long into the future.

  • No more short-term solutions.
  • No more papering over the cracks.

You need a committed and experienced consultant with your best interests at heart that will help you fix today’s problem but also helps you identify root cause issues beneath the surface. Only then can you escape this vicious cycle and ensure your technology works for you at all times.

Only then can you get back to serving your customers the “right” way…

If you’re ready to finally transform your website into a high-performance marketing machine that captures leads, nuture them and generate sales on autopilot, I may be able to help

Don’t just take my word for it...

See what clients are saying about my services.

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Samuel Stevens

Get a fully 'mobile responsive' website that is designed with primary focus on turning browsers into buyers

A high-performance website crafted by direct-response marketer and digital growth expert, NOT ‘web designer’ whose goal is to make thing look pretty.

I GUARANTEE to beat your website, funnel and landing page or you won't pay me a single cent!

Does this offer excite you? Interested in putting me to the test?

Hold on ✋

Because this not for everybody. There are three important factors which must exist before you should even think about hiring me:

Does  this opportunity interest you? Do you meet the above qualifications?  If so, go and book to work with me!

Landing Page

Report Design


Sales funnels

with my handcrated designs, you can...

Let me & my team help you with this! ❤️

Need to know more? Here are some questions I get asked the most by my clients

You can fill up the application form, contact me directly via Facebook, or email me at info@lusabara.com. We will further discuss about your requirements & expectations over text Google meeting. An official proposal with price quotation will be sent to you after the discussion, and once we are in mutual agreement, we will proceed with contract signing, settlement of upfront payment and after that, WELCOME ON BOARD!

My main priority in designing is to help you have a quick kickstart + easy long-term maintenance. I do not use complicated codes for my designs, so you & your VA will be able to do basic changes (like replacing texts & images) easily! If you still need my help, just reach out to me! 

The general turnaround time of each project is 3-5 weeks, from the day I receive the complete set of documents needed & the upfront payment. The first design draft is usually ready within the 1st week, and the progress afterward will depend on the rounds of revisions, frequency and speed of communications, etc.

Not necessary!

I have prepared a copywriting guideline for my clients to help them with the outlines & structures of the landing page/ sales page/ homepage of website.

You can prepare your own copywriting based on this guideline. If you need a more professionally-written copy, you are always welcomed to work with the copywriter of your choice (I have some recommendations too!).

A minimum of 50% upfront payment will be collected upon starting the project. The remaining balance shall be made payable at the end of the final revision, within 7 days upon completion. Payment can be made via Paypal or Wise. 


I offer up to 3 rounds of revisions. Additional round of revisions will be subjected to my hourly rate. Most of my clients do not require additional revisions, anyway 😀

Me & my team focus in Groove.cm and ClickFunnels, but that’s not all we know. If you need us to build in other platforms like WordPress, Katra, Kajabi, GoHighLevel etc., let me know!



In fact, I have worked with entrepreneurs from different industries: music, education, beauty, real estate, financial planning… you name it! Check my full portfolio here for more 🙂


An onboarding checklist for documents required to start the project will be sent to you at the beginning of the project.

Generally, it includes your copywriting, professional photos, client testimonials and branding kit (if available).